We research, write and edit independently commissioned reports and articles on the key
trends, challenges and best practices in corporate responsibility and sustainable development.

Systemic Value, Risk and Resilience
Lye and Crowther
Report putting systemic value at the heart of sustainable development and corporate frameworks of risk and innovation.

Canada and the Green Economy
Explores green economy trends globally and the significance for Canada and the accountancy profession.

Shale Gas and ‘Fracking’
Financial Institutions
Guidance for financiers on local and global challenges posed by the development of shale gas resources.

Embedding CR in Business
Ethical Corporation
Report with case-studies on the integration of sustainability into core business strategy and practice.

Integrated Reporting
Global and sectoral analysis of key trends and pioneer insights.

Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit
Step-by-step guidance on the business case and KPIs to drive continuous improvement.

Climate Change Reporting for Investors
Climate Disclosure Standards Board
Guidance on how to communicate the significance of climate change performance to corporate investors.

Social Media in the Spotlight
Ethical Corporation
Analysis of how social media is challenging business, and how social media is being challenged in return.

Report Archive
We have historically been involved in a range of research, writing and editorial activities for a selection of publications with external partners.